Sunday, 9 August 2015


It feels like ages since I've sit down to write a post and unfortunately it isn't the one I wanted to write about. I've been feeling funny lately. I'm kind of in a general slump. I've been reading, but I just can't bring myself to write down a review or simply a discussion post even though I have a few ideas. 

I wish sometimes I could be more consistent and upload regularly, or even have things already prepared, so when I don't feel like doing anything at least something will pop up and the blog will not feel so lonely in a way. I wanted to write a review for Animal Farm, which I loved by the way, but I haven't and tomorrow I'm going to Valencia and then to my parent's village and I won't most likely post a damn thing in August and that makes me both sad and furious at myself: sad, because I really wanted to get into the blogging wagon again. I miss not only posting here but also commenting on other people's blog. And I sincerely apologise for not doing so in the last couple of days. Furious, because even though I always tell myself to do things when I have to, I end up not doing anything. I know I'm lazy but this is getting ridiculous. If anyone sees my willpower, can you send it to me please? That would be lovely indeed.

So anyways, this is just a very lame attempt to justify my absence. I don't like it but I'm feeling very slumpy in general and I know that I would rather step back than push too much and end up burning myself out.

I hope you guys are having a phenomenal summer!

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