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Autumn Readathon | Wrap-Up

The Autumn readathon started just as the Dewey's readathon ended. And this post is all about my progress during the week the readathon lasted. I've done things differently in this wrap-up. Instead of updating everytime I finished a book, I did updates for each day and counted how many pages I read.

DAY 1 ( Sunday, 22nd)

And I'm off to a very bad start! The Dewey's readathon ended and after, I had a family meal to celebrate my aunt's birthday. We came back home at 8pm and although my plan was to start reading Rebecca, I couldn't concentrate. I managed 10 pages and that was it. I  was feeling very sick and decided to call it a day and go to sleep to fight whatever I was coming down with.

DAY 2 (Monday, 23rd)

My plan was to get halfway through Rebecca. It didn't happen. I got to page 119 though which wasn't that bad considering I managed to do all my Uni work, I went to visit my grandma - which is something we do every Monday - and I also read a bit of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which wasn't on my TBR but I started reading it at the beginning of October and I wanted to make some progress as well.

DAY 3 (Tuesday, 24th)

Managed to read a bit more today. I started See What I Have Done and I finally got halfway through Rebecca. My initial plan was to finish it by Wednesday but I decided to take my time with it and try and finish See What I Have Done as soon as possible.

DAY 4 (Wednesday, 25th)

Finished my first book for the readathon: See What I Have Done. I wasn't massively impressed with it though and I finished it because it was a quick read. When I read the synopsis for the first time I thought: this is for me. I mean, Schmidt fictionalises a real murder commited during the 19th century in the USA and I love those kind of things but in this case the way the story was told didn't pull me in. There were some interesting parts and seeing the relationship between the Borden family was somewhat disturbing but, as a whole, I wasn't wowed with the narrative.

I also made some progress with Rebecca - got to page 280. Things are starting to actually happen and I guess from now on, there will be more revelations than questions. Or so I hope.

DAY 5 (Thursday, 26th)

Finished Rebecca and OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! That was so bloody good! I wasn't massively impressed with the beginning but the way the story was built and how the tension just kept increasing by the page, kept me turning the pages from the middle to the end, and what an end that was. I also read the afterword Sally Beauman wrote at the end of the book which throws a lot of interesting issues about the story and its themes and also about du Maurier's personal life and her inspiration for the novel.

DAY 6 (Friday, 27th)

Started The Butcher's Hook since I did a poll on Instagram and most people decided on it. Made it to page 135 which isn't that bad. My plan was to finish the book in the afternoon but I wasn't feeling very well and I couldn't concentrate on the book so I decided to go out and forget my books for a bit.

DAY 7 (Saturday, 28th)

Last day of the autumn readathon. I wasn't sure of how much reading I could get done since I was gonna go away for the weekend but I managed to finish The Butcher's Hook and start Mariana. All in all I think this readathon was a success for me. I read 3 books (yay!) and started a fourth one.

Did you participate in the readathon? Which books did you read?
Any good recommendations?



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