Saturday, 3 March 2018

weekend reads | 2.03.18

This post is more like a March TBR really. These three books are what I'm planning on reading this month. I've already started The Hazel Wood and so far, it is quite average. I think I should learn my lesson here and stop pre-ordering hyped new releases with amazing reviews and just wait until they come out to check out as well negative reviews. Middlemarch I've been meaning to read for ages but it's one of those books I find super intimidating. Why did I decide to pick it up then? Glad you asked. There is some read-a-long going on on Instagram called #middlemarching and it was the perfect excuse for me. My aim is to read 50 pages a day.
The other book is Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald. It's the book for a bimonthly online book club I recently joined and I'll be reading it through March and April most likely.

What are your reading plans for March?


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