Sunday, 16 November 2014

'Project 10 Book' Recap!

A month ago I decided to join ‘Project 10 Book’, created by Lauren over at A Blonde Librarian. It was all about trying to reduce our TBR piles by reading 10 books before buying more. I thought it would be a realistic goal and it was. Here are the books I’ve read:

I’m not gonna tell you a lot about the books. You can read my thoughts about the first four(starting with The Blood of Olympus) in my October Wrap-Up, and about the other 6 you’ll have to wait until my November Wrap-Up #sorrynotsorry LOL

Being honest here, I should tell you that it hasn’t been a difficult challenge for me to complete and for the entire month I have been able to control myself and didn’t buy any book, which is incredibly amazing for me. Ask anyone who knows me, this is progress!

I’ve added certain books to my wishlish. That was impossible not to do, really. But I’ve also kind of learned to choose those books I’m really interesting in reading instead of going on a buying spree like nobody’s business. 

So, summing up, I do think Lauren’s idea was genius and it is an easy challenge. Of course you can choose the number of books you want to read before buying more but I think this idea is better than just going on a buying ban for X months. Why? Because we like and enjoy reading so we don’t really pay much attention about how many days have passed since we started the challenge, you know? If I will go on a buying ban for, say, 3 months I would be crossing the days in my calendar like a rabid dog. It would be everything I could think about. Deciding to buy books depending on how much I read is, at least for me, easier and definitely more enjoyable.

So yeah, massive thanks to Lauren! And also, I'm gonna keep doing this. I'll read 10 books and then, I'll buy some. But those I buy will never exceed the ones I've read. Let's hope I can shrink my TBR pile once and for all, even if it's little by little!

Do you have a book buying problem? Would you think this challenge would suit you? I wanna know! Or are you already doing this challenge? How is it going?

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