Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Book Review // Reasons She Goes to the Woods by Deborah Kay Davies

Reasons She Goes to the Woods by Deborah Kay Davies {Goodreads}
Published by Oneworld Publications in 2015
Paperback edition; 256 pages {BookDepository}

Let me introduce you to Pearl, not your loveable, sweet type of girl. She’s vicious and mean. She has a very dark personality – I felt quite distressed at times – but she’s not the only one with issues, believe me.

Told in vignettes (the left pages have only one word and the right pages have the mini-story, the vignette) the reader gets snippets from Pearl’s childhood up to her adolescence. You get to discover her and her environment and in a sort of twisted way, you get to understand why she’s how she is.

It’s a story that got under my skin and it sure can pack a punch. I read it in one day. Once I started it I couldn’t stop. I needed to know what was going to happen; I needed to know where Pearl’s story was going to take me, emotionally speaking.

Reasons She Goes to the Woods is a very disturbing book; it’s not for everybody as it is perverse, violent and sexual but gloriously written and the reason I found it so impressive. It’s so highly evocative and Deborah Kay Davies can sure write. It is lyrical and beautifully unsettling. A risky story for sure but such a worthy read if you feel it’s a novel for you. 

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