Monday, 13 June 2016

Coming Back?

Hello?? It’s me…. And after 4 months I’m back. I hope. You guys know I’ve never been known for my constancy. I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my halt at the beginning of February. The main reason for it was University. This semester has been quite hectic and I had to choose between my hobby and my degree. The latter won, of course.

However, University is not the only reason why I stopped blogging and it would be a big fat lie to say otherwise. Long story short, I wasn’t motivated enough. Scratch that. I wasn’t motivated at all. I started this blog as a hobby and when 2016 started, it was as if it was no longer that. I was getting no fun out of it and so what was the point?

Believe me, I scolded myself hard enough for not blogging. For not pushing it and just getting back into it. But I also know me too well. If I push myself when I’m not in the right mood, I won’t bend and things can get worse. So I decided to stop altogether and wait until my finals were over to make a decision whether to continue or not.

Up until today, 13th of June, I haven’t made a decision yet (although I said in the first line that I was back) but I wanted to write this as to finally give you all a bit of insight into what was going on. Being honest, I want to be back just like before. Being inconsistent, true, but blogging nonetheless.

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