Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Book Haul # 7

Today I wanted to show you all the books I've been accumulating during the past two months and a half. Some of them were new releases I was very excited for; others are books that have been on my radar for a while and I finally decided to bring them home with me and others are books from authors I've read and wanted to dive into more of their works - Woolf for instance. There is also a mix of so many genres and I wish I could read them all at once and it's a pity I can't.

So many of them are incredibly gorgeous. Jaw-dropping designs. Black stained pages or interactive pages are an example. However, there is one I was most excited about: the glorious and magnificent Harry Potter Illustrated edition. Words cannot describe how beautiful the book is and how greatly the illustrations fit within the story and what is more important is that apparently they're gonna illustrate all of the books and each one will be published each year. It's gonna be like it was at the beginning. Waiting for the books to come out because although we know the story by heart, the illustrations add so much more and that makes my heart sing with joy.

What books have you purchased lately?

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