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June 2015

Hello there! Long time, no see, I guess. I feel like I owe all of you an explanation as to why I haven't been so active with the blog. My initial hiatus was meant to last 3 weeks (when I was having my finals) but things happened. This wrap-up is gonna be a little different but no worries, books are also in it :) I didn't know whether to talk about personal stuff here but then again, I've been interacting with a lot of you and there is no point in being secretive about it. At the end of May, I lost my (maternal) grandfather and it was quite unexpected. He was not ill or anything. He just woke up and felt bad and that was it. He died on his bed, with my grandma and my aunt with him and even though it has been hard, at least I know he lived a fully life and died surrounded by those who loved him. This happened after being done with my first week of finals and it set the mood for the next weeks. I know is gonna take a while to fully accept it but time heals everything.