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Weekend Reads (5)


Book Review // A Song for Summer by Eva Ibbotson

A Song for Summer  by Eva Ibbotson { Goodreads } Published by Pan Macmillian in 2015 Paperback edition; 432 pages { BookDepository } Ellen is a London girl brought up by her aunts who are suffragettes. However, she is not interested in any of that. She studies in a school where they learn to cook, clean, etc and then decides to move to boarding school in Austria since she’s been fascinated by the country thanks to a cook she’s known all her life. She finds a paradise in there, taking care of the children. But there she meets a gardener, Malek, and something arises between the two. However, their idyllic world is being threatened by Hitler’s advance.

Harry Potter Tag

The Harry Potter tag was created by the people at Bookidote and I got tagged by Ruz & Veronika over at The Regal Critiques . Thank you girls! I can't really say no to anything Harry Potter related.

24in48 Readathon

This weekend the 24in48 hours readathon takes place. The rule is simple: reading for 24 hours in a span of 48 hours.

The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (No Spoilers)

Welcome to the Final Empire , a world ruled by a Dark Lord named Lord Ruler. He’s been in power for hundreds of years, spreading terror among the population especially the Skaa people, who are slaved and work for the nobility – supported by the Lord Ruler. There have been many revolt attempts but all of them failed. However, people still have hope and there is a new rebellion on its way run by one of the most wanted criminals in the Empire, an allomancer called Kelsier. Allomancy is the ability to burn metals within you; and each metal gives the allomancer a certain type of power – for example, burning pewter will give the person physical strength. There are ten different metals to burn. Most Allomancers can only burn one type of metal and they are known as Mistings. However, there are some mistings that can burn all metals and they are known as Mistborn. Kelsier is a Mistborn and he intends to overthrow the Lord Ruler and free the Skaa. Along the way he encounters an unlikely a

Book Review // Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near

Fairytales for Wilde Girls  by Allyse Near { Goodreads } Published by Random House Australia in 2013 Paperback edition; 432 pages { BookDepository } Isola Wilde is not your typical teenager. She is a human Child of Nimue and is able to see magical creatures: ghosts, faeries, unicorns… all of them living in the woods near her house in Avalon. Since she was very little she has had 6 protectors, her brother-princes as she calls them; 5 of them are ghosts: Alejandro, a Victorian dandy; Ruslana, a Fury and a ferocious warrior; Rosekin, a faerie; Christobelle, a mermaid; Grandpa Furlong, and elderly ghost; and finally James, the only one of her protectors who is human. All of them take care of her and keep her company. Nobody else can see the ghosts, not even James even though he’s a brother-prince, and every time she mentions them, there is always the same answer: “you are too old for imaginary friends!” However, these magical creatures might be the only chance Isola has to

Weekend Reads (4)

Faber Nature Poets

Behold the gorgeous Faber Nature Poets collection that Faber & Faber published last May. The collection consists on 6 poetry books by John Keats, John Clare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, Edward Thomas and Thomas Hardy.

Mid-Year: Favourite Books of 2016

July, the 7 th month of the year is already here so what better time to tell you about my favourite books of 2016 so far. All of them were special in their own way and they are listed taking into account the date read. Without further ado here are my favourites so far:

Weekend Reads (3)

Disappointing Reads

In June I read a few books which were incredibly disappointing and since I don’t have enough to say about them to write a full review I thought this post to be a good idea to tell you what went wrong with these stories in a simple yet ‘straight to the point’ way.

June 2016

June was stressful to say the least. I had my finals but I can finally say they went well. Got my results yesterday and I'm very happy indeed; during the first two weeks I didn’t do much reading but I bought a few books to keep me happy. Now, however, I’m in a book buying ban. My TBR is completely out of control and I need to balance things a little bit. Yet, July is my birthday month and I guess I will get a few of them. I don’t mind it though and I know I will buy one or two here and there when I feel like it until the end of the year. The gist of it all is to read more and buy less. Sorry, I digress… and this is a wrap-up.