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Book Review - Reseña // Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

Lost in Translation  by Ella Frances Sanders { Goodreads } Published by Square Peg in 2015 Hardcover edition; 112 pages { BookDepository } I’ve always admired translators and even though sometimes a translation isn’t necessarily the greatest, the truth is that when done well, we can pretty much say that a translator behaves like an author in some way. Translating isn’t about going line by line, word by word from one language to another because there are many words or expressions from a language that don’t exist in the language you’re translating a book into. A here is when the tricky part of their job begins.

January 2016

Long time, no see. January was spent among textbooks and notes. Revision took over my life and I had no time for anything else. I’ve done three exams but I still have two more to do and 10 days before being completely free but I’m gonna try and be more present on the blog; not only on mine but in everyone else’s as well. I miss it.