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weekend reads | 23.02.18


University Reading List | Semester 2 | 2017-2018

University break is almost at an end and next Monday I'll start not only my courses for Semester 2 but I'll also have to start writing my dissertation now that all I want to do is laid out and my tutor said I'm ready to start. I have four courses; two are related to linguistics and the other two are literature-related and today I wanted to share with you my reading list for them. 

Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman

Call Me By Your Name  by André Aciman { Goodreads } Published by Picador in 2007 Paperback edition; 248 pages Call Me By Your Name  is the love story of Elio and Oliver, a love that blossoms during summer in Italy. Elio is there with his parents and Oliver is their guest for the summer time while he works on a book. There, they fell in love but are unprepared for the consequences of that love; a love that will stay in their hearts forever.

weekend reads | 9.02.18

I've read Charlotte and Emily in the past but never ventured into Anne. But it was time. And I'll be dedicating all my free time to read this story. I'm almost at page 200 and although it took me a little to get used to her writing style, I'm enjoying the read nonetheless. Happy Friday to you all! ************************* ************************* ************************* POST EN ESPAÑOL Por fin he podido empezar a leer a Anne Brontë, que ya tocaba. Siempre estoy diciendo lo mucho que adoro a Charlotte y Emily, y espero que mi reacción con Anne sea la misma. Llevo unas 200 páginas o así y aunque es cierto que me costó un poco al principio acostumbrarme a su forma de escribir, estoy disfrutando mucho la historia. ¡Espero que tengáis un muy buen finde! Follow

Book Haul | January 2018

"I won't buy any more books" I said at the end of 2017 and clearly, I didn't keep my promise and you know what? I do feel bad about it but I'm also happy with what I got so I'm just going to try and wash away the guilt. However, this is indeed the last book haul in a while and I mean it. I've made a bet with my sister and my mother: after my last final (the 6th of February) I can't buy anymore books until April when Circe  by Madeline Miller comes out. I need some cheering on this one though. My will power is non-existent. There is again a mix of a lot of things and some titles in Spanish. I haven't really made a post talking about it but I'm gonna start writing my posts both in English and Spanish. I've already started doing it on Instagram. For that reason I'll try and be as brief as possible so we don't get a very long post. Let's focus on the books!