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Oh Reading Slumps, I loathe thee!

That’s it. I’ve just broken my own personal record: more than a week without reading a single word and I’m quite anxious here because I don’t feel like trying to do something to stop this nonsense. Yep guys, we can start panicking right this second!

So let me tell you how all this horrible thing happened because I honestly believe all that is divine plotted against me this month to prevent me from reading. Firstly, I got spoiled about the book I was (still am) reading. Not by anyone; just by me because I decided to explore a bit on Goodreads and my eyes decided to search for one little sentence that basically ruined the ending of the book even though I only had 100 more pages to go. 

Thank you so much for reminding me Archie....

And yes, sometimes you read minor spoilers that don’t necessarily killed your reading experience but this one guys, this one was MAHOOSIVE. So after the bomb exploded my state was something very similar to this...

All this took me to basically put the book down until I could come into terms with the spoiler and accept it happened bu,t as I told you, the Universe was against me on that and one night I was just zapping and came across one episode of Mistresses on my TV, and ABC show starring Alyssa Milano (yes, Phoebe from Charmed!) and so instead of changing channels I watched it even though it was an episode from season 2. And after that I got curious and I had to start watching it from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the greatest show out there but it is incredibly addictive and to be honest the Aussie hottie that is Brett Tucker helps too (seriously what kind of food do they feed them while growing up?). 

And here I am, three days and 26 episodes later and finally realising that I do have a problem. How on earth I could watch 26 episodes in 3 days still remains a mystery to me but maybe you know the answer…. 

You tell them, Nick!

But hey, the whole ‘I don’t want to read’ thing is still going strong. I’ve decided to use this time not only to just catch up on those shows I was a bit behind (The Walking Dead, The 100, Once Upon a Time and so on) but also to start watching other shows, starting by re-watching Greek because I stopped after season 2 (Spain didn’t broadcast either season 3 or 4) and I have to say I've missed Cappie. Like, A LOT. Another show I’ve decided to give a go is Chasing Life which funnily also features Scott Michael Foster (he played Cappie and Kristoff in Once Upon a Time). I’m not complaining about this though LOL.

Right now, you might be wondering: have you tried getting out of the slump? Believe me; I tried reading again with no success whatsoever. I read two pages and stopped. Frankly speaking I don’t know when I’ll be picking up a book again, maybe when the #XMASBOOKTUBEATHON starts this Friday or maybe not; but as of right know I’m not feeling it. And so instead of forcing myself to read I’m just going with the flow and we will see what happens… Reading slumps happen and by the look of it, mine has decided to stay for awhile. I’m okay with it, really. 

So, can you relate? Have you ever been on a reading slump? Or watched all seasons available of a show in record time? 


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