Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Disappointing Reads

In June I read a few books which were incredibly disappointing and since I don’t have enough to say about them to write a full review I thought this post to be a good idea to tell you what went wrong with these stories in a simple yet ‘straight to the point’ way.

The Vegetarian by Han Kang. Well written and the themes it touches are quite heavy which is something I enjoy but I guess I wasn’t in the right mindset to fully appreciate the story. It left me with so many questions and although I knew beforehand that that was the author intention, I still found it incredibly frustrating. Besides my frustration, the level of disconnection I felt towards the story was high - the story was told from 3 different points of view but sadly neither of those was from the girl who became vegetarian and frankly, I would have rather known what was going within her mind.

The Wilds by Julia Elliott. Bizarre at hell. This short story collection contains 11 stories. Of those I liked 3, I DNFed 5 (4 of those in a row) and the remaining 3 were simply okay. I guess the whole collection went over my head. There is nothing much to say about this because I don’t even know where to begin with. Still, Elliott knows her way with words for sure.

Mathilda by Mary Shelley. I read Frankenstein last year and absolutely adored it so when I saw this novella on my local bookshop I had to get it. A father-daughter incest theme? Yes please. However, I didn’t exactly get that from the full story; Mathilda turned to be something completely different. It’s depressing, slow, gloomy and emotional. The perfect romantic story; maybe a bit too much for my taste.

Needless to say, not because these weren’t my cup of tea it means you won’t be able to enjoy them. The Vegetarian is well loved everywhere and I’m here feeling like the odd one out. The same goes for The Wilds and Mathilda. As always, if you think these are stories you might enjoy, give them a chance.

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