Friday, 5 August 2016

Weekend Reads (6)

Today I had already written a discussion for The Cursed Child but I might leave it for next week so I can chew my thoughts some more. However, I posted an Instagram picture explaining as a whole and very simply put my issues with the script without spoiling a soul if you’re interested. And so we are here again with a Weekend Reads.

I’m halfway through The Alchemyst by Michael Scott and although there is action since page 1, there isn’t much to add about it. My second read will be Peter Pan. I’ve been meaning to read it since forever but I never found the time and now that Jen Campbell is doing a read-a-long for it during August it is the perfect opportunity to do so.

I need to continue re-reading Harry Potter especially to try and forget most of the script if possible and so The Order of the Phoenix is next. I won’t manage to get a lot done – I’m well aware – but just a few pages are enough and I wanna take my time.

Anything fun planned for the weekend?

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