Weekend Reads | 12.05.17

I apologise for not uploading anything in the blog this week but my stress is off the roofs recently because finals start in two weeks and revising is killing me and everything frustrates me and I don't have the energy to sit down and write a proper blogpost because I feel really guilty. That's why I haven't actually do any blog hopping either. However, I didn't wanna leave the blog unattended for the next month and a half so I'm just gonna write weekend reads posts until my finals are over and my brain is free.

I'm currently reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and so far, so good. I'm not even 100 pages in but it's a nice read. Taking it slow though because to be honest I'm not reading much, not even the 30 min I always try to read every day. If I manage 10 minutes, that's a lot. I just feel guilty and I hate it. Anyways, enough self-pity for now. How about you guys? Anything exciting happening this weekend?



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