Weekend Reads | 5.05.17

This weekend I'm gonna try and finish both Dreams of Gods and Monsters and Am I Normal Yet? although I might not finish either of those not only because I seriously need to spend hours and hours revising (how people manage that?? need tips to help me concentrate, please!) and also Sense8 season 2 comes out TODAY! and that's a priority. Like, I can't even deal and the trailers look fantastic and my babies and - can you tell I'm obsessed with that show?

Anyways, I'm sad to say I'm not enjoying Dreams of Gods and Monsters because I just don't understand how the story evolved like it did. I'm finishing it for the sake of finishing it but unless the last 100 pages blow me away and I can see some "logic" with the ending of the story I'm afraid to say this series would become a huge disappointment. And so far, Am I Normal Yet? is a nice read, but I haven't made a full opinion on it yet because the plot is building at the moment.



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