Saturday, 26 December 2015

Reading Challenge // 12 Classics To Read In 2016

As in my previous post where I told you about the 12 books I wanna read next year, in today’s one it’s all about the 12 classics I would love to get to in 2016.

None of them are required reading for University this year and that’s why I included them. I wanted to pick up some authors who I will study but whose books are not the ones I need to get to, mandatorily speaking. There are also some modern classics. All of them, however, have in common one thing: they've been added to my bookshelves this year and I don't want them to start piling up.

Here is the list:

I hope you had an amazing Christmas Day and you got a lot of bookish gifts because those are the best, aren’t they? Have you read any of these classcis?

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