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This tag was created by bookloverwriter13 ( and jeremy chenevert ( from Youtube and when I saw Regan's video ( I thought it was a fun tag to do so I'm doing it. And since I don't have a Youtube channel I decided to use my blog instead =)

Basically there are 10 questions and you have to pick characters from books (duh!) to answer them. I know that we are not supposed to repeat characters from the same book to answer different questions but I cheated a bit with the last questions. Anyway, here goes the answers to the questions:

1. Who is the best kick-ass character? For this one I have to say Rose from The Vampire Academy. She is one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever read about and she kicks ass, literally. Killing Moroi is her specialty and she is freaking good at it. In addition, she is one of the sassiest and wittiest characters in the YA universe which makes the whole kick-ass thing even better.

2. Which character do you most dislike? I had a few in mind but I finally picked up Umbrigde from Harry Potter. Every time I read about her in the books I wanted to strangle and beat the crap out of her. I couldn’t help myself. She is just there for the reader to hate her.

3. If you could date any fictional character who would it be and why? Only one? seriously? Answering this question is kind of impossible to be honest LOL. But if I have to choose one I would say Will Herondale from the Infernal Devices. He is some serious swoon material, let me tell you. Everything about him is just perfect and he LOVES to read, which is a huge bonus =)

4. If you could change a character in any way what would it be? I would change Sansa from Game of Thrones, especially during the first two books. She just wants to live in a fairytale and doesn’t learn much about life even though she has a pretty tough time throughout the novel. Is really annoying because you want her to stand up and do something but she is just like a wallflower (thankfully, her character evolves in a good direction, at least for me).

5. What character to you made all the wrong choices that didn’t add anything to the book? I wouldn’t say that my pick for this one didn’t add anything to the book because it did but her choices were the wrong ones in every sense. And I’m talking about Katniss in Mockingjay. If you have read the book you know what I mean. It’s self-explanatory really.

6. Out of the five books you have chosen which character was the best villain whom you love to hate? TYWIN LANNISTER. He is bad to the bone but he is extremely intelligent and that’s why I love to hate him because he stands in everyone’s path and plots in a Machiavellian way to get what he wants and that is also fun to read about (and a bit frustrating sometimes, to be honest).

7. Favourite side-kick character with the most heart? For this one I have to pick Tyson from the Percy Jackson series. He is lovely and so nice and good is impossible not to like him. But also, he will do whatever necessary to help the people he loves.

8. What is your favourite fictional romantic relationship? (IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ALL THE BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS DO NOT CONTINUE READING) For me they have to be Simon and Isabelle. They are super awkward together and feel weird about their feelings from each other (Isabelle doesn’t admit her feelings for him until the 5th book) but at the same time they care so much about each other and you can see they are a perfect match (and I cannot wait until City of Heavenly Fire comes out to see how all ends).

9. What character did you think was the strongest? Easy: Aliena from the Pillars of the Earth. She has to endure so much pain and injustice throughout the entire book but she always finds a way to overcome everything.

10. Best protagonist? This one was the hardest to answer by far, so I decided to pick one involving the books mentioned in the previous nine questions to narrow my options. So, the best protagonist from these books would be Tyrion Lannister (ironically son of Tywin Lannister). Basically, he is the only character from Game of Thrones that has stuck as my favourite (with others my opinion have swung) and that’s because he is AWESOME! Intelligent, sassy, playful, moral but at the same time with darkness in him; a great protagonist that will adapt to any situation and somebody any reader will love to read about. 

So there we go! and feel free to do this tag =)

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