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Fall Time Cozy Book Tag

I can’t remember the last time I sit down to write a tag but the lovely Olivia over at Olivia’s Catastrophe – check her out because she’s awesome and very sweet – tagged me this one and since it’s autumn I thought ‘why not?’
The tag was originally created by Sam at Novels and Nonsense, who is one of my favourite booktubers. Let's get on with the questions, shall we?

Crunchy Leaves! The world is full of colour. Choose a book that has reds, oranges or yellows on the cover
Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. The cover is gorgeous and fits perfectly. Hardy’s story is beautiful and thankfully, not as tragic as his other most well known works and a great choice to start reading him in my opinion.

Cozy Jumper! It’s finally cold enough to don warm, cozy clothing. What book gives you the warm fuzzies?
I’m gonna be very original and answer this with either Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. There is something really special about both of those series. Harry Potter specially. The simple act of reading its passages makes me feel home.

Autumn Storm! The wind is howling and the rain is pounding. Choose your favourite book or genre that you like to read on a stormy day.
Always and forever FANTASY. While the rain drops crash into the window and the wind whistles, the perfect atmosphere is created to make yourself cozy with a blanket, a nice cup of hot chocolate and a big fat book about new worlds ready to be discovered.

Cool Crisp Air! Who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?
This question is so unfair I refuse to choose just one character. I wouldn’t mind being Hermione, Luna, Annabeth or Vin – can you imagine being a Mistborn and be able to control alomancy? Yes, please!

Hot Apple Cider! What under-hyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?
Tricky question, this one is and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to come up with a good answer. Most of the books I’ve read are well known or were a few years ago *shrugs*

Coats, Scarves and Mittens! The weather has turned cold and it’s time to cover up. What’s the most embarrassing book cover you own that you like to keep hidden in public?
Any book by Jennifer. L. Armentrout or Richelle Mead can fit in this category. Model covers makes me cringe like no other thing. Not even broken spines have the same effect and believe me I despise broken spines but models in book covers acting all serious and smitten? Take them away for the sake of my sanity – and eyes!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte! What’s your favourite Fall Time comfort food or drink?
Hot Chocolate, no doubt. I love it. With cream and either cinnamon or ground chocolate on top. A warm cup of tea could also make my day.

Warm, Cozy Bonfire! Spread the cozy warmth! Who do you tag?
- Veronika & Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques
- Karin @ Schakarin
- Sabrina @ Sabrina's Stories
And of course everybody who wants to make the tag is welcomed to :)


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