Monday, 20 October 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

I wasn’t planning on uploading this today but the post I was working on didn’t exactly turn out as I wanted it so instead I am here, with another award nomination. I have to say a massive thank you to the amazing Giselle @ The Perks of Being a Reader and Sabrina @ Sabrina’s Stories for nominating me.

First things first, here are the rules:

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. You must list the rules and display the award.
  3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  4. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Now that that is settled it’s time to tell you 7 facts about myself. I already know I’ll have a hard time thinking about this so I’ll see you after I write down the facts unless I end up frying my brain, which is a possibility. Here we go:

1. I’m a Psychology Graduate. It was my first choice of majoring but I learnt in a sad way that it was not for me. I mean, I love Psychology, it is incredibly interesting but my major was a huge disappointment. When I said I learnt that the sad way I mean that I’ve basically lost 4 years of my life.

2. I’m now studying English Studies which involves Culture and Literature of English speaking countries. I decided to start a new major because 1) I love English (I’m what people call an Anglophile) and 2) I love reading and literature. And I also know that I want to dedicate my life to books so my goal is to work in the publishing world which is gonna be hard but hey!, at least I know now this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

3. I’m not exactly a bookaholic. I’m a book hoarder, a collector. I buy way too many books (I’m trying not to) but I regret nothing because my brain needs feeding and only words and books can do that.

4. I’m quite the crier. I cry with almost everything, especially books but even some ads on TV make my eyes watery…. Oh, they could be both sad and/or happy tears.

5. I’m too disorganised. Seriously, I’m a walking mess.

6. I’m a huge Disney fan, I'm really am. I know all the songs BUT unfortunately in recent years when I listen to some of the songs or watch some of the films there are stuff that I don’t really like about them. Have you listened to Ursula’s song? The lyrics are very sexist and hearing to that one in particular is unbearable… And is a shame because The Little Mermaid was one of my favs… And is not the only one

7. I’m a Leo. This is a lame fact but I couldn’t think of anything else and also I wanna know if any of you is a Leo as well.

And finally my nominations (it’s hard to nominate 15 people who haven’t been nominated already so I’m sorry if I nominate someone who has already been):  

1. Jess @ My Reading Dress
2. Jules @ The Book of Jules
3. Lauren @ A Blonde Librarian
5. Benni @ Benni's Bookbiters
6. Connie Lu @ The YA Book Thief

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