Wednesday, 15 October 2014

'Project 10 Book'

A month ago, Lauren over at A Blonde Librarian posted a post explaining she is going on a spending ban, which basically means she is not buying any books for the time being. And I thought it was an amazing idea and decided to join as well. So basically Project 10 Book means that I won’t be buying any books until I’ve read 10 books from my TBR which is incredible humongous (you don’t wanna know). Sometimes I wish I can freeze time because the amount of books that are published every other week that I want to read is outrageous.

So instead of keep buying (which is one of the many reason why I’m completely broke) I’m gonna try and do this because I think is a pretty realistic goal. Don’t get me wrong, I do admire those who say they are going on a book buying ban for like 6 months because I know I couldn’t do that. My will power is not that strong and I’m sure after those 6 months I would probably buy all the books with no control whatsoever and I would end up in the same situation.

The list of books I want to buy is huge as well so bear with me and wish my luck… Jeez, I feel like I’m going to war or something. I do feel like every book blogger or avid reader struggles when it comes to buy books. And you need to add to the equation that I also like to collect them. I’m what people know as a book hoarder.  So I need to change that. Period.

Therefore, going on this ban doesn’t mean that when I read 10 books of my TBR I’ll go on a book buying spree. NO. That’s not my intention. Once I’ve finished those 10 books I may treat myself with one or two books. No more. That way I can narrow down the books I wanna buy and consequently I’ll buy those I really want to read instead of buying whatever title I come across. And if this works I’ll continue doing it. And maybe, in the end, it would help me with my lack of self-control. Who knows? It could be the perfect therapy to solve my problem LOL.

Anyways, do you have this problem too? I need to know, just to feel better about myself ;)

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