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What To Read Next...

When you have a mahoosive TBR just like mine – although I know I will always be reading which means my TBR will never cease to exist  – sometimes deciding what to pick up next can be quite a task.

Some readers are seasonal; some go by cover or by the latest purchase and others, like me, just go with whatever we feel like when browsing our shelves and it is the reason why I don’t make TBR for each month. I will never stick to them unless is something I have to read for Uni.

Am I’m ready to lose myself in fantasy world, filled with magical creatures, or a historical story where fiction and real facts intertwined? Or perhaps it’s time for some literary fiction? Or a mystery novel? Or maybe, since we are now venturing into winter it’s time for a Christmassy read? Who knows!

My problem though it's that most of the time I either wanna read all the books at once or none at all and the feeling is very frustrating. There are books on my shelves which have been dying to be read for the longest time – the Fairyland series by Catherynne M. Valente or The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan are good examples – but for some reason I never find the time. Yet, I’m always reading. I don't see myself as a seasonal reader and although I do sometimes pick up a book I last bought, it's not a rule for me. And covers? They're only useful to me when it comes to buy books (you all know how much I love a gorgeous cover) but they don't help at the time of picking up a book. To read it, that is.

As you can see I don’t have a system to choose my next read and although it can be liberating (no restrictions and whatnot), it also can be annoying.

But, what about you? Do you know instantly what you want to read next or you’re like me?


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