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My 2018 reading goals

Earlier this month I told myself I wouldn't set any reading goals for the year to come but these aren't really reading goals; more like reading activities I won't be doing. The first six months of 2018 will be me dealing with finals, a new semester and handling in my dissertation. And I don't think I'm ready. Don't get me wrong, I want to finish and be done with academia for the time being but I'm also a bit worried about my mental well-being, not gonna lie. And I've decided that as much as I would love to read for fun to unwind, it's not going to be a priority. At least from January to June. So here are my reading goals for 2018.

If you've been reading my blog or following me on social media, you probably know that I haven't been in the greatest reading mood. However, I've realised that what is happening right now it's not an isolated moment. Looking back I've noticed that for the past two years - both in 2017 and 2016 - there have been periods when I stopped reading altogether and that is something that hasn't happened to me before. It's become clear that these burnt-out moments are due to blogging and bookstagramming. I've let having to put content out there get the better of me and I'll try my hardest to stop doing that. I'll post whenever, and the same goes with my instagram account. Sometimes I'll have more bookish things to talk about, sometimes I won't but I refuse to put content out there for the sake of it if I have nothing to say. As you will see, 2018 is all about relaxing reading. It's about making reading fun again and not a 'social media' activity.

No more reading challenges.
This year I've decided to simply put my Goodreads challenge to 1 book. I normally go for a number I know I'll achieve - mostly 50 books - but I can't be bothered and to be honest I hate how the Goodreads challenge has become almost a competition with one self - one that doesn't look healthy. So, although I'm gonna set a Goodreads challenge, it won't be giving it much attention. It's only an excuse to track better the books I'll be reading during the year.

No more readathons.
Oh, this one is going to be difficult. Very much so. I love readathons, not because you get to read a ton but because you interact with other readers and talk about different books. This year, however, I don't think I'll take part in any, not even Dewey's - and if I do, it would be in the second round in autumn.

No more reading lists.
Each year, the same: writing down list after list of books to read - for example, '10 classics to read in 2017' - and never getting around to actually reading them. More often than not I just stress myself. I'm absolutely tired of lists so I'll read whatever, whenever. This leads to my next point...

No more TBRs.
This goals blends with the previous one but I'm getting rid of monthly and seasonal TBRs. I just want to read whatever I feel like to so that I don't have to check each month if I get to the books on the TBR. I always feel super bad when I don't get to them.

No more fixation with new releases.
In both 2016 & 2017 I've paid a lot more attention to new releases and that's okay, I'm super happy to see what is being published and if something out there interests me. However, I've neglected older books on my shelves and although there are some releases in 2018 that interests me, I will not be picking them up straightaway. And this takes us to my final point...

Read more fantasy novels.
I freaking love fantasy. It remains my favourite genre ever and these past years I've neglected it mainly because fantasy books tend to be huge and take a lot of time to get through. I'm gonna try my best not to let that intimidate me (and is also one of the reasons why I won't be setting a proper Goodreads challenge) so that I can finally pay attention to the biggest books on my shelves.

That's all. What about you guys? Any reading goals for the next year?



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