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A Bookworm In London. The Fourth & Fifth Days

Welcome to my last post about my trip to London (noooooooooooooooooo.....) but you know, "good things, when short, are twice as good". Since the fifth day was all about travelling back to Spain I decided to join both days together. The only memorable thing about the fifth day though was seeing Katie McGrath - who played Morgana in the BBC Merlin series - walking her dog down the street when I was waiting for the bus. I didn't ask for a picture because a) she was walking her dog; b) my face wasn't at its finest - that's what a good old cold would do to you and c) I am too shy, sometimes too much for my own good. She was inches away from me. And she is gorgeous indeed.

Anyway, let's rewind and go back to day four. Our last official day and we spent it shopping. What a surprise! Still, we had a last touristy thing to do: visit Buckingham Palace. I visited it on my first trip ever 8 years ago but it was the first time for my sister's friend and so we had to go. Stunning as always. The Buckingham Palace is one of those places you can't stop looking at and at the same time, is a place you wanna leave soon; it's so incredibly crowded, it's unbearable to be there for a long time.

We passed through Green Park in order to get to Piccadilly Circus and then to Oxford Street. We did some shopping. However, the most memorable thing was getting inside Hamleys - a 7-floor toy shop. And why was it memorable? They have a section dedicated to Harry Potter and yet again, I was in awe. For Hagrid's sake, they even have replicas of the different broomsticks!!! They have merchandising of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit too. The staff from the shop is also amazing. They play with everybody inside the store. They are like children and it's fantastic to see them interact not only with the kids but also with their parents.

After all that excitement, we needed strength to keep us going... yet, we forgot for a moment when we were at: in the middle of Oxford Street, at lunch time. Needless to say, finding a place to eat was our own odyssey. We found a place, I've forgotten the name, but it was really good. Or that's what my sister and her friend told me since I was bunged up to taste anything. Seriously, the cold was getting worse for the moment and every five seconds I had to blow my nose. I know it's not a lovely mental image but Rudolph would have been proud of my red nose for sure. Anyhow, our next step was Selfridges and holy molly, that place is huge! And crowded. We lasted 15 minutes (oops!) and we were exhausted by then. Little did we know that just at the end of the street, there it was: Baker Street. And although we didn't plan to go there, it is Baker Street we were talking about. Sherlock house, however, is at the very end of the street and we had to walk like 20 minutes or so to get there and the line to get inside the house was way too long to wait up so we entered the museum, which is quite lovely.

And then, we made our way back to the hostel. We packed most of our stuff  *insert huge sad face here* and we went to bed. And on the fifth day we flew back to Spain. I already told you at the beginning of the post the only thing worth mentioning about the true last day. It was all about waiting and waiting and waiting. Our check-out was at 10 am and our flight was due 6:30 pm; I don't even know how we managed to get so much time killed and even though we did nothing, we were quite tired. I have to say I got a bit panicky on the airport because they do all the checking very quickly and it kinda freaked me out a bit. Give me a damn moment for God's sake! It was like: "now this! now that! hurry up! don't you dare breathe! run!" NOT A FAN! And then, our flight was slightly delayed and we had to wait. We finally landed safe and sound around 11pm. Thank goodness my parents were there to pick us up!

My trip posts have come to an end and I really hope you have enjoyed them since I had so much fun telling you my experience. However, I still need to show you all the bookshops I visited and all the books I bought :)


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