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Top Ten Tuesday # 2 (Underrated Authors or Books in Different Genres)

TOP TEN TUESDAY is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

This week topic was originally about one genre only but when starting the task of selecting the books I just couldn’t find 10 underrated books of one specific genre so I decided to mix it up a bit.  And also, this task was hard, incredibly hard.

My first 4 options are books from the same author: Marianne Curley. I read them when I was between 13 and 15 years old and I remember reading them alongside some of my friends and LOVING them so so much. All of them are about magic and time-travelling.
The first three are part of a trilogy, the Guardians of Time trilogy: The Name, The Dark and The Key.

Here are the English Covers:


And the Spanish covers (which are just hideous):

The 4th book is Old Magic, and is a standalone novel. For this one I actually prefer the Spanish translation of the title, El Círculo de Fuego (in English is basically The Circle of Fire, which I think is kinda cool). Both covers:


Next on my list is The Gift of Charms by Julia Suzuki, a middle-grade fantasy book about dragons. Even though it was a middle-grade book and therefore quite easy to read, I just felt in love with the world since the beginning. Highly recommend this one.

My last pick for today is actually another series of four books, written by Ralf Isau, which hasn’t been translated into English I believe. It is a German series and I read it in Spanish a veeeeeryyyyyy long time ago. The series title is Der Kreis der Dämmerung, something like ‘The Twilight Circle’. They are a mixture of historical fiction and fantasy. A must read if you ask me.

And that is all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below if you've read any all those books or your choices for this topic. 

Have a nice day =)


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